M4 Property Consultants

Client brief

‘Can you help us gain coverage in the local, national and trade press? We want to increase awareness of M4 Property Consultants in the media to demonstrate the benefits of our services.”

How we responded

Working with the director of M4 Property Consultants we prepared a target media list and have drafted and distributed a series of press releases and articles about the company, the industry and providing comments on other business related stories. We regularly meet with the M4 team to discuss pr opportunities.

They provide us with information about deals they have concluded and other relevant items and we then contact the clients for quotes, arrange photography and draft the article. We also make Dan and his team aware of topical subjects being covered in the media that they can comment on and provide their own opinions. An example of this is the Enterprise Zone article we drafted on their behalf that was featured in the South Wales Argus and Western Mail.

The coverage generated has exceeded M4’s expectations and providing excellent value for money and more importantly a multitude of new business opportunities.

“We’re really pleased with the press coverage generated. Matt and I meet regularly to discuss ideas, he then proceeds to draft the articles and arrange photography and the story then appears in the press. Great service and it’s helped M4 develop.”
Dan Smith, Director, M4 Property Consultants