Kusten Vorland

Client brief

‘We would like to produce a company brochure and other materials to promote all of our services and once completed plan a marketing campaign to expand our client base and increase awareness of Kusten Vorland nationally.’

How we responded

Working with their existing corporate identity and brand, we designed, drafted and print managed a company brochure providing an overview about the collective offering provided by Kusten Vorland.

When completed, we worked with their management team to plan a six month marketing campaign which due to its success was then extended onto a rolling basis.

The ongoing activities include advertising, graphic design, copywriting, direct marketing, public relations and online marketing including the use of social media.

“I have worked with Matt on different projects for over a decade. We have a great working relationship and he knows how I work and the exacting standards I require. Working with the TMPR team is also informal and enjoyable.”
Katie Parsons-Young, Director, Kusten Vorland